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Will Hull - UCP National Office

I really liked the program and would recommending enacting it as a campaign once per year for a period of two weeks. It seemed that everything was quality and nothing wasn't without some merit and worth listening to. When this is limited to once/year you may be able to get away and recharge your blogging batteries while the quality remains on your blog.

Betsy Stone

Hi, Beth. Thanks for keeping us "fed" while you were gone. My only suggestion is to limit guests posts to 1-2 a day. You're the only blog I take in my Outlook (the rest I peruse on Google Reader) but it was a bit overwhelming. I was pretty busy during your 5-day period so eventually I just pressed delete. (I'd NEVER unsubscribe you!) Though my own blogging goals and habits are different than yours, the guest post idea is much better than when I got overwhelmed and simply let my blog rot for 3+ weeks. Can't say I planned it... but now you've led the way with a better way to handle things!

Beth Kanter

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to try a limited experiment with guest blog posts related to specific topics.

@betsy --Yes I knew that was going to be a problem re: volume. Thanks for confirming that and sharing it .. I'm honored that you read me in Outlook!

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