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Mr Flapper Duck

I found the purple dividers and pink lights to be a bit disconcerting. Felt like a rave would break out at any moment. Really enjoyed tweeting at 38,000 ft with wifi though. Nice to see the cello buckled up. Safety first!

Jamie Favreau

I think this is cute!


Omygod, this brings me back. In 1985, I flew between NY and Portland with a cello on TWA. My dad had us fly business class (those were the days - having said that, TWA's business class was rubbish), and TWA had us buy half a ticket for the cello. The staff tried to put it in the closet, and we refused - we'd paid for a seat for the thing, dammit! I was tempted to ask for a meal for it. But resisted.

Beth Kanter

Our cello wanted free wifi!

Robin Mohr

Glad to see you all made it. I thought the music should have been a string concerto or something with a cello...

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