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Enjoyed your article a lot and it got me thinking.

I don't think it's accurate that the Obama campaign didn't heavily and I mean heavily control the message -it almost became like listening to "groupthink" when speaking to his supporters. (full disclosure: I voted for him.) as they would repeat the FAQ (sic) they read from the website.

It was one of the most controlled PR and Communication campaigns in the history of politics in this country. The key was making it seem like it was ALL groundswell (i.e., the myth of how much was actually given via the internet. Most $ came from big guns - same as it always is.)

The key is having the compelling message that people will REPEAT because they believe it's truth. And more than that, because it is THAT truth that speaks to them as an individual.

It is the latter realm, where I believe the Obama campaign provides the powerful lesson.

Holly Hight

Thank you for this speech. It is excellent.

Robin Browne

I would also add that the real power of Obama's campaign lie in providing people with social media tools to organize their own face-to-face meetings and then using the tools to share the key results of those meetings far and wide.

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