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Lindsay H.

I have read The Blue Sweater, and would like to own my own copy so I can pass it on to friends interested in aid and charity work. It changes your perspective on service, and I would argue every do-gooder and philanthropist out there should try this breed of benevolence on for size. Thank you!

Theresa Navarro

I would love to have this book because I am a young non profit professional looking into community building, community organizing and the topic of movement building literally gets my heart racing fast.

It's the type of information you don't/might not learn in school, but the information that is crucial to those who have the passion, determination and drive to make things happen. Building that bridge for young professionals within the human services field is so important!

I'd LOVE to have this book!


Hi Beth,
I would love to read this book for 2 reasons:
1) you say you're giving away your copy. As much as I'm sure it would be lovely for Jacqueline Novogratz to sell another copy of the book, I'm all for sharing and recycling resources :-)
2)I am starting to map a strategy for social responsibility for the company I work for (and the 3 others it will be merging with over the next year). The Blue Sweater is a book our CEO sites as a great example of giving back, and wants to base part of our SR policy on thoughts from the a good read for me for sure!

As for movement building, I always look to The talks on the site are amazing, the rescources and connections possible are endless and, although the subject matter is very wide and disparate, the idea of bringing people together to create change runs though all the presentations.


Fundraising Detective

Hi Beth,

i've already got a copy of the book, but haven't got round to reading it yet saving it for my hols!

In terms of resources about creating movements i'd recommend the following books:

Herd by Mark Earls - you can check out Mark's blog at, the book is full of interesting research and real life examples of how ideas spread. It is written from a marketing point of view, but has a lot of relevant content for nonprofits.

Tribes by Seth Godin

A great example (though not nonprofit) of someone who has created a movement online is Chris Guillebeau at the Art of Nonconformity:

Hope that helps, look forward to reading your thoughts on the subject,


Deanne Bullen

Hi Beth
Why I would like a copy of The Blue Sweater.
Having just sadly finished up at Connecting Up Australia - last week - (unfortunately they didn't have the funds for me to continue on past my contract date - damn GFC!!)I'm now contemplating my next career move - what do/should/could I do with the skills, knowledge + understanding I have built up over the last few years - from working in the education sector for many years and now the NFP sector. Hmmmm - just volunteered a couple of days ago to help setup for Medicins Sans Frontieres - Refugee Camp in Adelaide - a public education event about the work of MSF And then today I saw your post about the book - so thought maybe this is all serendipitous - maybe I need to read this book to assist me to consider - where to next.
Even if I don't get selected for the free copy - I think maybe I should buy it anyway.


I have read the book and met Jacqueline recently at a speaking event at the Paley Center in NYC. This book should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand not only the motivations of a true groundbreaking social entrepreneur, the movement she created with The Acumen Fund, and patient capital as a model for philanthropy, but for anyone who wants to understand the place they occupy in the world we inhabit.

I would donate the book to my local county library or wherever the most amount of people can have access to it, and change the world.

All the best,


Kelley Coyner

First a resource on movement building --- Pete Plastrik's Net Gains. It is a very pragmatic guide to building networks in the nonprofit sector. Plastrik looks at the roles different people and organizations play in a network and give very help guidance bringing over more conceptual books on movements down to earth.

This link might get you to a downloadable version.


Finding your own blue sweater on another continent resonates with me, that she is from the neighboring burg of Alexandria, that her way of walking with justice is to give dignity to the poor. Would love a copy of the book, would read it and pass it one to the person of your choosing.

Kelley Coyner

Sheethal Shobowale

I went to see the conversation with Jacqueline Novogratz at the Paley Center and wrote a summary of the discussion on my blog. I would love to read the text that she has been working on for 10 years. The Acumen Fund's projects are inspiring and a great model for social entrepreneurs around the world.

Not a movement building resource per se, but a great case study: the microfinance conduit organization Kiva has done a great job in creating a movement - connecting lenders, borrowers, partner microfinance insitutions (MFIs), volunteers and even students through technology. Further participating in Kiva's movement, I was recently accepted to be a Kiva Fellow and starting this October, I will be volunteering in Latin America for 6 months with two of Kiva's partner MFIs. It will be an eye-opening experience.

Beth, thank you for being such an amazing resource for organizations affecting positive social change.

Sheethal Shobowale
Founder, Leap Work
Kiva Fellows 9th Class

Lesley Miller

I've had this book on my reading list now for a few months. It intrigued me simply because there's so much buzz these days about micro-financing that I'm curious how people around the world are benefiting.

A friend of mine works for Kiva, and that has caused my husband and I to consider giving to that organization. I'd like to do a little more research before doing so.

Thank you for being so generous and giving away your copy!

Andre Blackman

I've heard quite a bit about this book and would love to add it to my collection! Thanks Beth!

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