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Elaine Gantz Wright

Twitter is the hot topic. I would love to know what you think about the Harvard MBA student's study regarding differences in gender behavior on Twitter -- and variations in comparison to other social media. I wrote about it onmy nonprofit blog -- BTW, I you are my nonprofit blogging inspiration!

Barry A. Martin

Before I get rushed back into my pile of work, I wanted to take a second to say thanks for the ultra comprehensive breakdown/analysis.

I promise to reciprocate when I have enough news to share.

I can tell you that your learnings reflect an amount of planning that can be daunting for many. Especially non-profits. Especially for a newer approach. And especially for a rapidly evolving/ever moving medium.

SM is a great equalizer for people actually selling something important/useful, but there should be no illusions about the people power needed to get results.

Again, thanks for sharing.

Doris Reeves-Lipscomb

This is an amazing piece of work. My mind is in overdrive. Thank you for giving me one more major initiative to consider squeezing into my crowded do-good life!!!!!!!! (:-)

I would love to do this in Florida to reduce childhood hunger ( But my technical skills don't come close to this threshold. So I need other expert human resources--wonder if the Tampa Bay Computer Society might be willing to help me out?


Thank you for posting! This has some great tips and ideas. I have a question about the twitter accounts though. I work for Goodwill and we are having a sale this fall that we want to promote on twitter. My questions are: do I create separate accounts for the sale and for our organization? Or do I create one organization account and use hash tags? My concern with the separate accounts is once the sale is over the followers will not be receiving any more tweets.
Any advice would be great!


great post. twitter and fundraising are still quite a young couple and it's great to see key learnings posted. thanks for sharing this.

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