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I hope Southwest! My first airplane trip will be this coming Thursday and I will need some great network opportunities to overcome this fear.

Patrick Walsh

I'm flying to Vegas tonight but I doubt many people will feel like networking on a night flight to Sin City....

Stephen Downes

It may be a connector, but it's also a filter, ensuring a certain level of prosperity in your contacts.

Christine Egger

Great story, Beth. My favorite "San Francisco-related commute story": running into Steve Newcomb of Virgance while catching the BART from Berkeley into SF. A great 45-minute conversation. Came away thoroughly impressed by Steve's heartfelt commitment to building something really spectacular w/


Lisa Buksbaum, CEO & Founder, Soaringwords

I love your post, I too always have great plane synchronicity. As the Founder of Soaringwords, I travel a lot to speak at conferences and run programs with client sponsors throughout the country. One of my favorite plane karma stories is meeting Rick Foster the author of Choosing Brilliant Health; How We Choose to Be Happy... we talked for five hours as we read the manuscripts of each other's books on a cross-country flight, then three weeks later we filmed a SoaringStrength video together which was shared with hospitalized children and families. On a flight to Indianapolis to run an event for Eli Lilly and Company, I met the head of IU Medical School and he made introductions to some relevant Foundation in his community. Thursday I am flying to CA to attend Craig's List Bootcamp and hear your speak in person. Wonder who I'll meet on the flight!

Kare anderson

and what is bringing you here to S.F. on a regular basis? 9I am across the GG bridge in Sausalito)

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