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Laura Norvig

My official job description hasn't changed yet, but my actual job sure has. Setting up our org's social media presence on multiple popular sites was easy and fun. I like Twitter, so tweeting for my org was a no brainer and I found my voice quickly. But one day I turned around and realized that I had to check in every day on multiple sites to see what was going on, to cultivate my community garden, to absorb, disseminate, and schmooze on the topics of the day.

All of this has paid off, but the next big step for us is bringing our community back to our own web presence and providing a community space there.

In addition to executing the social media piece, I find myself responsible for creating a longer term strategy, figuring out how we'll measure stuff and how we'll analyze our data. It's now to the point where I need to list out my job duties and see which of my older, traditional duties can come off my plate OR, who I can delegate these new duties to. So, yeah, big changes that creep up over time.

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Thanks Holly and Beth for posting this here! We're real happy with the feedback the guide is getting and we hope it will provide lots of long-term value for the people who purchase it. I hope you both are well!


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Great post, Beth. You start out at the top with a scare tactic of job-loss and non-profit issues and then go on to explain how people can change to take advantage of the SM.

I just want to re-iterate. SM will create more of a need than ever for non-profits. As you point out, there is always a need for a tribe leader (in Seth Godin's terms). The fact that the community ,which a non-profit serves, is now more engaged than ever; means that non-profit needs to step up and take that leadership role before someone else does.

I run a company that is trying to draw the speaking industry into the web2.0 world. SM has changed my job significantly because it has allowed me to build a business that can improve the way speakers are found and consumed by audiences.


Sorry, realized that post was from Holly, not Beth.

Maggie McGary

Social media IS my job description ;) I'm a social media & community specialist for an association.

I think staffing social media initiatives in the association world is tricky, because silo culture is at odds with community. I, for one, will be interested to see how the next few years play out in terms of social media/community manager jobs at associations--I think there is going to be a lot of mid-course correction going on as associations grapple with the concept of online community.

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