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Joitske Hulsebosch

I enjoyed the last comment: I find that a lot too that people don't realize that younger people may have lots more skills, but even younger people may not link those skills to professional uses!

Account Deleted

I had a thought which I included in the eval form for the second day session (the only day I attended). New Thought: Instead of giving people the Forrester Technographic profiles for all age groups (which is useful as a reference but in the context of the game was overwhelming), just give them an objective and audience demographic (or a choice of them) and the on the "tools cards" (i.e., blog, Twitter etc.) put similar demographic info so the challenge is in optimizing the tools strategy to the objective/target audience. obviously you don't want to make it too straightforward, it was really overwhelming trying to process (as a group) all the info that was on those cards while still struggling for a grip on the objectives.

My 40/40 hindsight two cents! It was still a fun game!


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