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Mark J. Carter

Thank you Steve!

The best part of the post (and it would seem the most helpful part of the post for nonprofits to realize) is "Friendraising Not Fundraising".

I hadn't heard that before; the stats on Facebook causes support it.

If nonprofits realized that one simple truth (BEFORE starting a campaign, as you suggest) I can only imagine how far ahead they'd be before they started the race!

Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts and I'll definitely be sharing them with my nonprofits/Networking For A Cause groups.

Allan Benamer

Beth or Steve,

Can either of you actually post some numbers that point to an ROI for this suggested social networking strategy? And please don't say "insight", "relationships" or "thought leadership status" as an ROI.

In other words, have any of the ROI calculations behind been fundamentally altered in the 2 years it's been out there? What is ROI of social networking vs. standard community organizing activities? I'm still waiting for good data from social networking proponents in the nptech world.

Barrett Michael

Great post.

I found the section on "The Illusion of Control" especially insightful. In our workshops and trainings on social media, we've found it's difficult for many organizations to let go of control. It's not surprising, considering the foundation of traditional marketing is about controlling the message. I look forward to the rest of your posts.

- Barrett

Laura Norvig

While I agree that it's always good to have some idea of why you are dong something, and having learned about the concept of a social media strategy at the WeAreMedia workshop I always thought it was a good idea, I read something recently that challenged me. It was something to the effect of, "when you order a telephone for a new office, do you sit down first and think, what is my strategy for using this telephone? what will be my ROI, etc.?" Heck no! It's just another communication tool, and so it is with social media. Yes, you use the phone wisely, and so should you use social media wisely, but don't let the perceivied need for a strategy slow you down. Get in there, experiment, and learn!

Laura Norvig

Ah, here's the attribution for the above thoughts about the phone - it was Hildy's guest post right here!

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