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Love the telephone example -- really helps drill home the "it's just a tool" concept!

It's a great idea to actually list out s.m. possibilities for each project or program -- it pushes organizations to really think of these as tools to truly engage and collaborate, rather than tools to simply get more funding and attention (though that's important too!). Thanks for this valuable frame.

Gonzalo Ibarra

Thanks Beth for that post. I'd been guiding in the last 2 months a campaign for a religious and social project in Central America. Why I highlighted it ... because this project in appearance is not too relevant for most of the pepople but folowing this Strategic Plan we had getting in El Salvador (through Panorama Biblico: engaged in the last 45 days over 500 people through Facebook and our community ... most of them, young people and very committed:

The key for me and according to the last study of Blackbaud about Online Giving is how you can envolve to the people through a battery of communications tools and messages: CRM, e-marketing , SMS, offline events, etc, etc ...

Thanks for your Blog

Greetings from Chile and sorry for my basic english



This post really hits the nail on the head. Super distillation of the reasons to use social media and how to create a strategy.
Susan Barry


It's really easy to say these things as everyone does when it comes to these social media websites and telephone example was really interesting comparison but in general it's not as easy as when we come to these social media's and if we try to represent ourselves in some group people there are not ready to adapt you. And well taking about your niche in today's internet world there are everything someone had already digged far before you just get the news. but yes that's true someone who is creative and can have hold can do great for their organizations

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