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Betsy Stone

Brian and Beth - thanks for the thoughtful post. I've been trying to put my finger on what bugs me about some non-profit's plans I've seen of late. I shared a paragraph on my blog and expanded with some of my own thoughts:…e-trying-to-do/ -- Betsy Stone (philanthrophile)


Thanks for your articles.

Amy Jussel

I'd shared Brian's article on my FB feed and plopped the links in the comment section about Jasmin Tragas' Opportunity Int'l deadline in 48 hours but never thought about asking to crosspost...silly me! Way to go Beth, you rock, ya snagged him first! (your audience is more appropo for sure) Sage advice all around. Let me know when you're settled into your new digs for a 'meetup'---welcome wagon awaits, --Amy J.


Thank you for this great post, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

Jackie Carpenter

Just a of the dangers of on-line petitions and groups to join, is that the person who adds their name, feels that they have done their bit, and doesn't feel the need to do more. They get the warm glow effect, without any significant outcome. That is one of the challenges for impassioned activists using social media.

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