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We have also found our blog to be a great way to generate ideas for short video pieces that get sent out to targeted audiences.

A recent blog post about our campaign to save Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

A 90-second video generated from that post that got sent to our media contacts

Joanne Fritz

Great list, Britt! I would add one caveat....only blog if you can keep it up. There is nothing sadder than a blog that has not been updated recently. I've linked to your post here.


This is a great discussion.I really enjoyed it.

Stay connected with friends at global personal networking.

Britt Bravo

Thanks for sharing the blog post about your campaign, Jonah.

Joanne, I'm with ya! That is one reason I tell folks not to use interns as their main bloggers because often when the intern leaves, posting on the blog stops.

Scott Rooks

Great post Britt.

It also is a way to stay visible during a recession when ad money is not in the budget. Which is were most NPOs are in todays world. Staying visible and actively networking and marketing keeps you, potential donors and supporters in the NPO loop. The recession won't last forever so its good to stay out in the community in a variety of ways and media.

Blogs are very personal by nature as you said and therefore perfect fits for the NPO. Thanks for mentioning the RSS subscription as it makes staying in touch a snap. Like reading a newspaper.

Thanks again I enjoyed reading your post.

Ed Nicholson

Good post, Britt
I believe it's probably embedded in what you say, but I think one of the benefits is positioning the org as a thought leader and subject matter expert on the issue they're addressing.
Though we're not a non-profit, the company for which I work is actively engaged in a particular issue. I'm constantly looking for meaningful online discussion around that issue, and place value in the organizations participating in that online discussion; providing news and information, food for thought, and connecting me with other members of the community engaged in the issue. Though it might not provide an immediate ROI in the form of a cash donation, sooner or later that value is going to be reflected in a way that is beneficial to the non-profit.

Fei An Tjan

Good post! Especially liked the trust part blogs can provide and that it can serve as a means for communication with your customers. I think many companies don't realize that and still think about a blog as a cheap way of advertising their products.
Thank you for clearing that up!

Britt Bravo

Thanks for your comments, Scott, Ed and Fei!

Ed - The thought leader issue is a key one and I'm glad you brought it up. It is also important for organizations to think about their communications as a service to their supporters, as well as a service to the organization. Realizing that your blog can be a product and a value-add to your organization (by providing news and resources about the larger field they are working in) rather than just a tool to spread organizational news is important.

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