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Rachel Weidinger

Great movie! Harry is so articulate about what he'll miss. I like that the bathtub size is an issue to him. We do have to travel to get snow, but it's good snow- I swear.

Hoping that you, your family, Cello Kanter, your five suitcases and you !amazing! jadite collection all make it here safe and happy.


The kid is a natural ;-)

The monopod might be handy for the street scene you did earlier; almost equally handy is the flexible Gorilla Pod for sitting/attaching your flip on any surface

Its easy enough to start and stop on the Flip, so you might be better off doing a lot of short clips (rather than jerky moving the camera) you can piece together with simple jump cuts for editing. With some practice you ought to be able to get to a point that you can have clips you can patch together.

Happy travels! Wave if you fly over northern Arizona.

JD Lasica

Harry sounds like a filmmaker in the making!

Rebecca Krause-Hardie

sweet Beth! Safe travels. MA will miss you!

Jamie Favreau

Hope you have a safe trip across the country! Your kids are pros!

Tresha Thorsen

Wow. Kudos to you for filming their words and feelings about the move...something they'll really look back on.Harry may even adore one day that his fave color was yellow. Adored seeing him interviewing Sarah...both seem so natural too on film. (note to self: when using flip video just exude childlikeness and it will be a cinch!) Thanks for this :)

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