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Harold Jarche

I sure agree with Nina's secret sauce and the need to listen all through the journey. As for objectives, I'm not too sure how valuable they are. I didn't have an objective when I started blogging and neither did I have one with twitter. Both of these media are exceptionally valuable to my professional life. Objectives can be limitations.

gordon mayer

Harold has a great point--sometimes with social media the best strategy is to jump in (in fact a recent study on foundation communications, "Come On In, The Water's Fine" is at

Sometimes we use the metaphor that learning to do social media is sort of like learning to play video games... ask anyone who plays games how they learned and the answer is almost sure to be 'I learned by playing'--that is, not by reading a rule book or deciding ahead of time, "What's my objective in playing this game?"

On the other hand, if the subject is strategy, then, yes, you have to know what you're trying to achieve.Kind of a paradox isn't it--you should know where you're going, but also feel free to zig or zag along the way to get there. Hmm, not sure how clear that is...

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