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Chris McMahon

CCO for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center ( tweets (http:/ It's about 50% personal, 50% organization related.

Jill Savage

I'm a non-profit CEO who tweets and blogs. I've been doing it for about 6 months. I do it to keep moms in touch with Hearts at Home ( and to let them know I'm human and I do the same things with my kids that they do. No ghost tweeters for me...I do it all myself. My twitter name is jillsavage. Blog:

Another CEO who tweets and blogs is Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing. He does a great job both with his blog and twitter.


One of the best NPO CEOs to use Twitter is Doug Ulman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. He does it all himself and includes news about the organization, the fight against cancer, and interesting reads and resources. He has over 35,000 followers.


Sarah Owen is the Executive Director of CCMI ( and she tweets ( She does her own tweeting and her goal is to end hunger and her passion is ending childhood hunger. She tweets to raise awareness of this.

Paris Marron

Do you have any tips for encouraging your ED to tweet more? I'm from CODEPINK. We tweet @codepinkalert. Our co-founders both tweet, but @medeabenjamin @heartofj (Jodie Evans), but very sparsely. I've been trying to get both of our cofounders to tweet more, especially from actions, protests, trips, etc. Any suggestions?

Diana Scimone

I'm pres of the Born 2 Fly Project, which works to stop child trafficking ( I tweet @DianaScimone.

There are a lot of anti-trafficking NPOs that tweet; I posted a list on my blog a few Follow Fridays ago: (scroll down to April 24).

Diana Scimone
The Born 2 Fly Project


@StevePasierb is President & CEO of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America (

Sameer Vasta

Cameron Sinclair from Architecture for Humanity (@casinclair) has always impressed me with his authenticity and drive to engage in conversation on Twitter.

Justin Michael

Carol Schrader is the CEO of I follow her tweets @zooker1. ; ) - jmike!

Jacob Samuelson

Jacqueline Novogratz (@JNovogratz) of Acumen Fund is a great person to follow.

Corin Barsily Goodwin

I'm a nonprofit ED/board chair of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF)( who Tweets every so often, but not exclusively GHF-related.
Corin Barsily Goodwin (@mamacorin)


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Alnisa Allgood

Nonprofit Tech's Executive Director manages the organizational account @nonprofit_tech Alnisa Allgood. Mostly informational tweets mixed with commentary, and day to day operation information.

Michelle Eklund

Jessica Lawrence (@jessicalawrence) is the CEO for Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council. Plus, she's among the youngest CEO's in Girl Scout history! Tweets are part personal, part business. She also maintains a professional blog (, personal blog (, and posts podcasts (


My CEO, @GeorgeStevens, at Coastal Community Foundation tweets. He manages his own account and uses it to invite conversation and share news about issues in our community. His tweets also feed into his Facebook profile and selectively into our Facebook page (


I think nearly everyone @sunfoundation loves to tweet. Our Executive Director @ellnmllr is quite prolific in her tweets about what's really going on in Washington. We even include our twitter handles in our staff profiles -- see Ellen's as an example.

Eli Saddler

I'm the founder and executive director of OceanHealth.Org and I tweet daily (@oceanhealth) about ocean news and issues, as well as about our upcoming events or calls to action. It has been great to connect with so many ocean-loving folks and other ocean nonprofits over Twitter.

Linda Raftree (@meowtree)

Several of Plan International's offices are on twitter officially and staff are also tweeting about work via their own accounts (me for example). 2 of our CEOs (Ian Wishart of Plan Australia @ianatplan and Marie Staunton CEO of Plan UK @mariestaunton) have both started tweeting recently. Plan is active in over 60 countries worldwide working on child centered community development.

Judy Salerno

As ED of Community Foundation I am tweeting and trying to encourage the npos in my area to do so as well. @ccfdn

Mishri Someshwar

Steve Loflin, who's the Executive Director of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) also tweets @sloflin. NSCS is an honors organization inviting high-achieving freshmen and sophomores at more than 235 US universities-- students run community service and social activities on campus; members can apply for $250,000 in scholarships, among other benefits.

David Bacon

I'm the Founding Director of Carpets for Communities, a small but award winning innovative Social Enterprise getting kids back to school and keeping them there in Cambodia. Personally I've recently started tweeting a mix of my and organisational stuff. I tweet because it can feed into my facebook so i cover two updates in one...@davidnbacon.

We've just employed a new CEO who we will be asking to tweet after he starts in July as part of his job.

Averill Strasser

I'm Founder and COO of Water Charity, a nonprofit that does water, sanitation, and public health projects worldwide. I tweet!

Steven Bowman

I was CEO of the Australian Society of Corporate Treasurers and also the Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance, and National President of the Australian Society of Association Executives...Does that count?? Steven Bowman tweet @consciousgovern

Adam Markham

I'm the CEO of environmental non-profit Clean Air-Cool Planet and I've been tweeting for about a month now. I have about 230 followers and post 5-10 times a day. I find it a great way to build a network and a source of news and new information. I follow several other non-profit CEOs who tweet.

James Topham

@nuttsatwarchild is founder and exec director of War Child in North America. She recently live-tweeted from Darfur. Well worth checking out. Here's an example:

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