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Howard's article is refreshing for its lack of cheap drive by writing; so it is interesting that Twitter is focused on the short burst quickie message, but as he suggests, it takes a long amount of time (weeks, months) to develop the network and the "court sense" that makes it valuable.

Another version I liked of "ambient intimacy" was described early on (june 2007) by Clive Thompson in Wired as "social proprioception" or "How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense"


I like your analogy CogDog. I found it true for myself, I'm still figuring out how to "see" the playing court well.
Does your analogy unravel when trying to show their are twitter superstars (not @aplusk, more like @kanter)out there and then there are those who get a pick up game going every now and then? The difference, of course, is that Michael Jordan is approachable on this court.

Can Jordan really be a superstar on a court that is filled with 4th graders who have the freedom to call time outs whenever they want?

Beth Kanter

like the analogy too - and thanks for the reference to Clive Thompson - was hoping to research the ambient intimacy context ..

Gretel Going

This was a very accessible and insightful posts. I have clients who would prefer to hear someone other than their marketing person espouse the virtues of social media. (Of course, these are the same clients who end up doing very well with it!) Either way, next time I get the question "can social media work for non-marketers?" I'm sending them over here...

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