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Hi Beth, great post! I was just musing about measuring the ROI of social media campaigns myself ( I analyze Internet Marketing ROI for for-profits as a day job so all of this is very interesting to me; the companies I work with have yet to use Twitter for a campaign but that day is probably not far off.

Eric T. Peterson

Hi Beth,

Jim Sterne is one of my favorite metrics geeks too and has been for quite a long time! One correction though: Jim is not the developer and creative force behind the Twitalyzer. You can learn more about the application and it's developers here:

Glad you enjoy the application and thanks for letting your readers know about it! Our hope is to always provide low-cost measurement tools for Twitter --- something I know non-profits can always use!


Eric T. Peterson
Web Analytics Demystified (and Twitalyzer!)

Beth Kanter


Wow, I am having a senior moment! Somehow I roll you, Jim Sterne, Avanish, and KD Paine into one mega rockstar for web analytics. LOL, I'll go chance it now....

Social Marketing Impact

Such a great post with amazingly valuable resources. I found Jim Sterne's information on measuring engagement on Twitter particularly useful -- for all businesses/non-profits.

Thanks for such a jam-packed post!

Maria Reyes-McDavis

Queen of Measurement

Shouldn't we reserve the term "ROI" for impact on mission. For the Red Cross it's not about fans and followers or even money raised. Its about lives saved or disasters averted,no? I think we use ROI too casually. All your suggestions are great metrics, but if Wendy at the Red Cross can show that she helped more people in a crisis thru Twitter, or if Carie saves more puppies via Flick, that will trump Twitalyzer scores every time.

Lucy Bernholz

That has to be the best "metric cartoon" ever!


Jam-packed post, thanks.
I think Katie Paine brings up a point about terms that we are all struggling with coming to agreement on.
I think you have provided a lot here for us to establish metrics for our own organizations and our individuals objectives. Eventually, common terminology will emerge, does anyone feel like pushing for common language? or will it have to emerge on it's own?

Beth Kanter


I had some fun with I words a few months ago

Lucy Bernholz

Yes! To KD Paine's comment that its about return on impact on mission - perhaps we can call it ROII (return on investment on impact) - or in 2009 fashion, ROI2

Beth Kanter

what term should we use when we look at measures to improve what we
are doing to get to impact?


Generically, we could use "Incrementals" and stick with your "I" theme of your January post. :)

I have a tendency to want to hook everything to terms found in classic fundraising, so I'm looking for a term that fits within "cultivation" and the measurable return we can attach to monies spent in that stage of the development cycle. But that won't fly with Katie Paine, or the larger conversation that wants to tie the metrics to the mission impact (instead of fundraising).

This also makes me wonder how standardized terms move from a few blog posts into wide use?

Betsy Stone

Hmm... having trouble posting this on your "vibrant community" blog post but here goes: UK Web Focus has an interesting series of posts about the experience of a major professional society there with what they termed an "amplified" conference -- that is, one that incorporates active dialogue via Twitter and blogging. Much like NTEN's NTC09 conference. It's worth reading how these credentialed librarians look at the notion of "failing informatively," to quote Shirky. They're on to the same thoughts expressed here, from across the pond. -- Betsy Stone @philanthrophile See their posts: (lessons learned from amplification of the CILIP2 event)

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