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"There is a process that requires understanding the space between the tools and the people and having someone who knows that space so well they can do an interpretive dance between the technology and the users."


Whoops. That wasn't a comment, that was a quote. What I wanted to say was thank you for hitting on precisely why the advice I tend to benefit from is about tools rather than formulas -- the dance does vary from organisation to organisation, and indeed even within an organisation. At Greenpeace, MySpace continues to deliver rocking ROI for our US office, while Facebook tops the chart for our International office. Those audiences, and what they respond to, are entirely different beasts.

And thank you for making me realise just what my job is! I lead an interpretive dance troupe of digital creatives.


This is great.
Do you think these thoughts are best served in creating the job description on the new Social Media Manager an organization is about to hire?

Tools can be taught.
They will come and go.

Won't the best improvisers will be your best hires for this position?

Winston Barlow

Wow I didn't think of using dance as a way to illustrate how social media can be used.Managing change is certainly important in today's society, sometimes individuals are bought into organisations to manage a major business change, but I never thought they would be dancers. It was this article I was reading that made me think of it:

Dans Organizasyon

Thanks to organizations like the world is always needed

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