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Sue Waters

IMHO nothing currently beats iPhone for the mobile web and all applications that make social networking (e.g. for Flickr, Twitter, WordPress for iPhone, Facebook, Fring, Skype etc). Surprisingly it is really easy to multi task on an iphone. With so many cool applications you can add to your iphone you never get board traveling (that is often when I tested out new applications).

But if you want a phone, are less fussed with the mobile web and social networking you might choose different phone. I borrowed my friend's PDA the other night (I used to have one myself) and instantly I realised how much slower and harder the tasks I take for granted are on her PDA.

Gayle Thorsen

Next generation of iphone comes out in June.

Tresha Thorsen

how funny. i just noticed the last name of the first commenter and we share the same last name...but i don't think relation...who knows. i'll have to ask her.
for the specific needs you've identified, i've had zero probs with my iphone.
i never owned a smart phone before this one so i don't have experience with say a blackberry or treo.
if you're already an at&t customer, it behooves you to wait til your due for an upgrade. Either style phone will be $200 less if you're already eligible for the upgrade (last I checked).
Keep us posted on your findings...and your choice. Have fun sifting thru the options. :)


I've been through exactly the same challenge... last year my Treo600 developed a nasty yellow splotch on the screen. Time to go.

To get wifi, easy syncing, 2megapixel camera and video, decent screen size, full querty keyboard, I got a Nokia 61i - it's an excellent phone. I didn't think GPS or FM radio would be any use to me, so I didn't get an Nokia e71 (superceded by e73, I think).

On the downside, I wouldn't use it to edit google docs as the screen is too small. While there are more programmes available though a variety of outlets they are a bit difficult to find and rate - I think the Apple Apps store would beat distribution of Symbian apps by a long way.

Finally, Nokia's free service for syncing address book, calendar, etc is a useful back-up and handy if your phone slips out of your bag onto the car floor and you wonder where it has gone. Probably won't be long before they charge.

Ah well, as you tell I'm geek at heart.

Bobbi Newman

Don't forget the Palm Pre, it will be out sometime this summer

Beth Kanter

Thanks everyone! I'm going to give my Treo a new life after we move to California is about 5 weeks! Gives me some time to consider this switch carefully. My only issue with the Iphone is the ability to type on it ....


Take a good look at the Palm Pre (due out on June 6th). It is quite compelling as an iPhone competitor, and it has a slideout keyboard (out the bottom). I am ready to choose one as well, and it will either be the iPhone or the Pre.

Checkout for some videos on the Pre if you are curions.

Amy Jussel

Totally agree with your hesitancy on the keyboard, Beth.

I DO have an iphone and have even looked at the "bigger keyboard" app to see if it does the trick, as I tend to 'fat finger' going too fast.

App side of it is quite fun and I'm doing recon for usefulness of NP potential for Shaping Youth. Our tween team adds freebies to it everytime I set it down and I've bought a few apps to test the philanthropic platform (e.g. iPhorest app to plant real trees via virtual ones) etc.

SOOOOOOO thrilled you're moving to California (selfish lass, I am!) and wonder where you're landing, specifically. Good luck w/the transition!

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