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Thanks Beth, for linking to my ebook.

Here are three other insightful comments on the YouTube Symphony concert from three music critics:

Greg Sandow
Anne Midgette
Anastasia Tsioulcas

It seems that they all agree that the concert itself was somewhat of an anticlimax, but the real point was what happened before the show, or as Anastasia writes: "creative activities are about the process, not the result."

I think I tend to agree. And some food for thought: maybe that's also a key point of social media; it might not necessarily be about the end result (and how do you measure success anyway?), it's about the process and the participation.


Although I'm pretty sure the online auditioning process can't be as neat as the real ones, I believe it does open up a fair chance for anyone to show off their talent. People who want to participate in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra might not aim for perfection, but people around the world get to see they have tried.

Check out this video for a quick look at different angles the media cover the project:


I've performed in Carnegie Hall... back in high school. :-)

Beth Kanter

See Allison Fine's post on this - takes a bit further in thinking about the business model

Debra Askanase

Hi Beth, I've just been diving into performing arts organizations using social media. I think that the performing arts are way behind the visual arts in using social media, but your example gives inspiration and joy to see one innovation that intersects You Tube and the performing arts. The performing arts are a great potential user for social media - audience reviews, votes for performance series, pass along great visual video (how many people passed along Susan Boyle's audition tape?!) and other ideas. I wonder if you have any other examples of performing arts orgs using social media creatively and effectively?

Beth Kanter

Hi Debra:

Lots of examples here in my wiki

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