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Posted for Amy Sample Ward

Comment from Amy Sample Ward
"It's always tricky to say all organizations need to do ____, because there are always nuances that need to be sighted, etc. I think there are so many social media tools now, though, that it is pretty safe to say there are conversations taking place online on some platform or another that all nonprofits should be part of.

Organizations can join the conversation and the community, or they can fall exponentially behind and out of the movement. As far as managing the process, it has to be something that the entire organization (executives, board members, staff, volunteers, etc.) adopts. It should be part of job descriptions and performance reviews. It should be integrated into how the organization "does business" with other orgs, partners, and so on but also with how departments and staff work with each other internally.

As is to be assumed, many organizations that are just getting started now, in the age of social media, don't have as many problems with silos, there is not separate "social media policy" because it's inherent in the organization's work and communications, and the issues of push back and troubled adoption don't exist. There is a lot to be learned from these groups about how they function and process to help those struggling with the new "world" (if you can go so far as to say that) as a way of looking at an example of a word problem and the way it is worked out in a math book, and then applying the situations and answers to other orgs."

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