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Ari Herzog

Should the campaign revolve around "the food you want to eat" or "the food your diners want to eat?"

A restaurant serving fried grasshopper in suburban America may not be as popular as a pizza joint, for the reason most Americans would rather eat Italian than radical Asian.

dan mcquillan

This debate is a bit dualistic.

The interesting thing about social media tools are their potentially strategy-modding nature; they open up new possibilities for goals that were not seen as possible before ('an encyclopedia edited in real-time by anyone who's interested').

Heidegger said some interesting stuff about the Greek word techne (from which we get the word 'technology') - how it's "a mode of revealing" that influences how we see the world.

The game-changing potential of social media is how it opens our minds to new possibilities for social collaboration (many of which are actually old, but have been discarded by history e.g. the notion of the Commons).

So yes, Twitter is a tool; part of a set of tools that (like all significant technology) influences our world view and our sense of what's possible - and hence, our strategies.


Thanks for mentioning our guide. I think you're right that we should have created a Step 0 (and maybe we'll add it for version 1.1). I guess that would be something along the lines of posing questions that help organizations determine their campaign goals and then seeing if those goals link to the capacities of Twitter (?)

Gaurav Mishra

Dear Beth,

Thank you for mentioning Vote Report India.

Can I request you to link to the main website at instead of the project wiki at

Gaurav Mishra

Gregory Heller

It really sounds like you and Ivan are echoing the P.O.S.T. framework that is outlined in Groundswell from Forrester. Before jumping in to implement the use of some technology first consider People, Objectives, Strategy and LAST Technology. Far too often, as Ivan seems to be warning, groups jump right to a cool technology without fully understanding how to use it, what they want to accomplish and who they are going to reach.


dan mcquillan - I'm with you. It reinforces that the medium is "becoming" the message.

The food/fire analogy is helpful.
It would be funny to draw that analogy all the way out.
We need an animator to create a pic for us that labels "the non profit cookout" having a group of people with singed lips from mistaking the fire for food.
It would be ridiculous...and funny.

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