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These are some really great tips - very helpful! I've also recently come across a really novel idea in terms of creative ideas of using technology effectively in funraising. I found it on:
It seems really awesome - you raise money and raise awareness about your organization, while they do all the work for you. I definitely think it's worth looking into!


Love the assignment and hope that someone who knows what they are doing with linkedin will take you up on it.

Would love to see that spelled out with a specific objective in mind.
Here is a good Alumni Association best practice

And here is a resource rich post, but not much to directly address NPO

Kevin B. Gilnack

We're going to be discussing ways that nonprofit executives can advance their organizations through having a LinkedIn presence, beyond the obvious increase in visibility and putting a face to the organization.

Some low-effort suggestions around generating donor and community interest include
- using the Typepad application to import your company's RSS feed so anyone viewing your profile has the chance to see the latest news at your organization
- using the Slideshare application to post interesting slides related to the impact your organization has, or the need your organization is trying to address
- going beyond your job description and emphasizing the mission of the organization
- watching Q&A for opportunities to highlight your (and your organization's) expertise
- using Company buzz to see what people are saying about the organization, cause, community, etc. and familiarize themselves with Twitter, for those that aren't interested or ready in diving into search.twitter, RSS feeds, and more comprehensive listening posts
- learning about the 'competition' and finding potential partners (and then using groups, referrals, or direct contact to create a "IRL" connection)
- recruiting staff
- it's not just a resume for job hunts, it's also an opportunity to make a good impression and even connect with community members and potential donors, sponsors, volunteers, partners, and vendors.

Depending on your audience and resources, there may be opportunities for LinkedIn groups to foster a community of individuals interested in your work, for connecting members, volunteers, or staff. However, I'm still looking for some examples of thriving LinkedIn nonprofit groups - PLEASE SHARE IF YOU KNOW OF GOOD EXAMPLES!

Would love to see more writing on examples of nonprofits that are making the most of LinkedIn.

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