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Rachel Happe

More excellent content Beth (how do you do so much BTW?!!?)

Thanks for the shout out as well - I'm flattered.

Beth Kanter

@rachel .. you're welcome, anytime. Your work and thinking extraordinary - I'm lucky to have connected with you.


HOla te invito a esuchar un podcast dtecnologia

entra aqui :

Ryan Quiel

Great presentation at NTC. Between Clay Shirky's keynote and your first session, I knew it was going to be one killer conference delivering meat, not fluff.




Great Contnet as always, need to come back and look through all the other relevant posts.

Aaron Lee


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Barbara Kelly

Hi Beth: You picked up on what I thought was a key message in Clay's comments, how "informed failure" is one critical step on the way to success. My colleague in London had met Clay at an earlier conference and so I was thrilled to catch him afterward--and really look forward to NTEN's follow-on via "ask the expert" session. I hit two of your three NTEN sessions, so walked away happy. (Will follow-up with you separately on an idea related to the upcoming Cause-Marketing Forum.....) Barbara

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