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Robin Mohr

Hi Beth,

I was just wondering, will you announce when this giveaway is complete?

Heidi Adams

Hi, Beth-
I run Planet Cancer, a community of support for young adults with cancer in their 20s and 30s. We have a Ning site called My Planet (we call it MySpace on prednisone) that has been a great success--up to almost 4,000 members in just over a year.

That said, we still wrestle with ongoing challenges. Specifically, how do we best maintain a strong organizational presence and convey resources and opportunities to our members without detracting from the peer to peer interaction? Also, is there a way to support the friends and family around the young adults without compromising the site's integrity of purpose for our members? How do you manage strong personalities that can start "taking over" the site?

I'm also involved with a new Ning site for a national coalition I chair called the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance.The goal is to foster communication among member organizations (rather than individuals) and promote sharing of opportunities and best practices, which presents a whole different set of challenges.

Plus David Neff told me I needed this book.:-)

Thanks for your consideration!

Best, Heidi Adams

Mike Roman

We are currently using a ning network to grow our existing educational non-profit association.

  1. Our organizational membership is under one hundred right now. We hope to use the ning platform to grow our overall membership to over one thousand over the next year.
  2. We have embedded a Zoho Creator form within our network to create a file-sharing database. We will measure the amount of materials and downloads to monitor the use and success of that portion of our network.
  3. Our members will for the large part be educators. We will measure the number of events that are being posted and the number of confirmed attendees using ning to rsvp.
  4. We are also using location-based groups to give a physical context to portions of our site. We will monitor the level of conversations within these groups to determine what makes a group successful on our site. We will use this information to help other groups become more active and successful, success being an engaged, knowledge sharing user base.
  5. We have a bi-annual conference. We see ning as invaluable for making these conferences even more effective by starting conversations before the conference and building connections. And we see our ning network as being a space where the conversations and ideas started at the conference can be continued by participants that may be from disparate locations.
Joyce Mullen

Hi Beth,
We created a ning page so that we could create virtual communities for our clients. We serve children and families in the NY area who are experiencing social, emotional or economic challenges. We'd like to give the kids and their parents online support group environments so that they can share coping skills and info for building happier lives. If we received the book, it would allow us to move forward with this concept. We're Family and Children's Association and we've been serving our neighbors in need for over 125 years. We're trying to use the latest technology to reach the most people!

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