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Stephanie McAuliffe

I had so much fun reading and watching this that I just knocked the spinach I was de-stemming off the counter. (five second rule for sure)

Stephanie McAuliffe

The video says Chad Norman, instead of Nelson.


Beth, your last paragraph worth of questions are great ones. I am really interested in what you would recommend, generally, as best practices and answers to these questions.

Beth Kanter

@stephanie - Fixed it! Luckily blogs are bit-based, not atom-based and easy to correct.

@mikeysames - hoping to hear from folks about what the best practices are.


Chad Nelson does a great job in this brief but informative blog of quantifying the goals of this outreach program.

Eric Williamson

Did Chad Nelson happen to explain what method he used to create the mapping/connections (the green lines) between the various action points he had plotted? Just wondering if he mapped those connections arbitrarily or if there was something quantifiable that he used to know the true connections. This would seem like an important part of this being effective to make sure the connections, dependencies, etc. between one or more points on this graph were true.

If he did not explain it, do you have any knowledge on how to do that?

Your blog is great btw, very smart stuff.

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