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The act of taking responsibility for building a network and forging connections between groups or people.

This sentence sounds a lot like the call for leaders that Seth Godin makes throughout his little book, Tribes. He begs for leaders to step up and start leading. That kind of leadership takes all kinds of forms, including what you give as an example.

Victoria Odhner

Thanks for the offer of the book! I've been looking at that one, and a few others on related topics, as a place to start working with the faculty and staff at a Fellowship I work with, to get them to use some more 2.0-like approaches to teaching, and promoting the careers of our fellows. We're on a non-profit budget, so I'd love to get it this way. I feel like a Kindergartener....Oh, Oh, Pick me! :)


Oh, Oh, Pick me! I'm wrapping up my master's degree this month and plunging into a frantic job search - which is all the more difficult because the reason I pursued the MA was to make a dramatic career change; basically, I'm starting over, and I feel like I'm stalled at Brad 1.7 - help me become Brad 2.0!

(I also think the book would help me make sense of Geoff Livingston's weekly Twitter rant against personal branding.)

Sheena T Abraham

I love the idea of networking with a focus on giving and on building meaningful relationships where you really get to know the person and who they are outside of their career.

Greenlight Community ( is a group of people who try to live this out and help each other succeed. All over the world, GC leaders are stepping up to host lunches and other events with the goal of building tightknit communities that are not so much focused on referrals but more so on encouragement, advice and growth.

Anyway, I would like the book because social networking is taking over my life and any of us could use more advice on how to make the most of it. :)


This would be great to support the research I am doing around the ways in which people are using networks to change the way they interface with the world and how network creation relates to personal branding.


thanks for the Tweet Beth, and for the offer of the book. Cheers. edweek_craig

Brian Cohen

I do think your example is one of "network weaving" - since you took responsibility for forging relationships across different networks in relevant ways.

I believe the concept of "network weaving" is a great one. As a consultant in several industries I've noticed the value of connecting people - and sometimes people who cross industry boundaries.

Just being aware that one has several networks is a huge first step. For instance, As I give this some thought, I am a little surprised at how many networks I am a part of (two different companies I am currently involved with, prospective, current and past clients, past colleagues, personal relationships, as the board member of a nonprofit, etc.). And each one of these can be parsed further as well!

Even I'm a little surprised when I realize how many times I've introduced people across these "boundaries". The keys are awareness of all your evolving networks, knowing how to leverage these networks when appropriate, and being able to recognize and being willing to make "relevant" connections.

Alex B. Hill

This idea of network weaving is exactly what SCOUT BANANA is working on now. We use many different networks and so we have been talking as a staff about how we can best integrate those with our mission and get people to be more involved offline in our chapters and at events. Weaving the networks into the larger framework of our organization is the most important goal so that our networks are also able to connect with each other.

Sandy Santra

Just saw your Twitter offer for Me 2.0. I wants!

Shawna Brinson

Looks like an interesting book -- would be very keen to read it. Like a lot of people, I'm trying to get a handle on navigating the intersection of the personal and professional online and in networking in general.

john hutchinson

I work in association management and would love to read it! Gimme gimme gimme!

David Low

I'm going to be in SF June 5-9 (Uncle's 90th) - will you be in Palo Alto then??

Chris Rakowski

Would love to read your spankin' new book and share my thoughts. Thanks!

Rory Cullen

Well, been following Dan for a year now on his blog, and have adopted much of what he preaches in my own branding. I can credit him largely with my passion for the many media sites I now participate in. Since I am in the job search, a big fan, and unemployed, I'd love a copy! Otherwise, I will see if my library will get it for me!

Congrats to Dan, big day today!


Thanks for this Twitter offer. Am definitely interested in upgrading me to 2.0! :D


Thank you for your offer - saw a post from Jfouts on twitter. A copy is welcome.

Steve Heye

Thanks Beth! I look forward to getting that copy at NTC and it will be great to see you again. Sounds like a great book, I read a bit on his blog, good stuff.

Lloyd Budd

Definitely an example! The best weaves are those that are selfless that have serendipitous me too outcomes!

Judith Katz

it's like going to a party and introducing people to each other, or having other people introduce me to people that they know. I started doing this on a new Facebook site that I'm implementing for one of my clients.

Amy Lauren Scott

That sounds like a cool book. I work for a company that builds computer software for nonprofits and is doing a lot of stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Google apps, etc these days. Really interested in learning more about staying connected and keeping our clients and nonprofits connected as well.

Robin Mohr

For me, it's often a matter of connecting my activist church friends/network with the non-profit staff working directly on issues. The question for me is how to manage my identity between worlds. I'd love a copy of this book.

Judy Hante

I'd love to have a copy of this book. I work in high tech in California and work on both complex technical issues and interpersonal issues every day. I work with people all over the world at our customer locations as well. I also put in a lot of volunteer hours for a non-profit, which has its own set of issues to be resolved. I promise to share the book with others if you pick me!! Thanks!

Thaddeus M. Figlock, PHR

After years working as a Professional Scouter, a Cutco Knife salesman, field membership sales at BJ's Wholesale Club, auto buying Program Coordinator at BJ's Wholesale Club's corporate offices, Director of Volunteers at Marian Manor Nursing Home, Marketing Representative across the state of Massachusetts for American Independent Medicals and 5 years of various positions at a Home Depot store, where most people just think of me as The Paint Man. I feel my career is a lose firehose on full blast with no one holding it.

I've taken responsibility for my career, finished a Masters degree in management and gotten a human resources certification. Now I need to find my brand and weave my network before I end up weaving baskets. I could use the book.

Dog Chic

This does sound like network weaving to me. What a tangled web we weave. That book does sound good. I'm gonna have to get a copy of Me 2.0.


... Yes I think is a posibility to weaving a personal or professional network. If all of you have a bit more backing from the others, perhaps with a telefonnumber and the promission to call if you have a problem, then this network builds up social capital in the sense of Pirrre Boudieu -- whereas this concept of social capital is also inspired by Robert D. Putnam.


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