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Something is bothering me a little bit about talking about this sort of fundraising as an example of the power of twitter. The success of this sort of fundraising doesn't have anything really to do with Twitter. This is more a twitter marketing effort, disguised as fundraising. The person donating the actual money isn't using Twitter, and the people using twitter are not donating any of their own money. Something just doesn't jive. Twitter could disappear and this sort of idea would still work the same way.

Laura Norvig

That's an interesting perspective, Glen. However, I highly doubt that Twitter the company is involved in this in any way. Yes, by choosing Twitter as the platform for this fundraising effort, NCM Fathom and CARE are "promoting" Twitter but that is not the underlying purpose of the tweet-a-thon. The way I see it, the purpose is to raise awareness of A Powerful Noise. NCM Fathom's contributions are a bonus and an incentive to individuals to raise the awareness. It feels like a win-win to me.

Beth Kanter

Laura: I agree with you. This is a cause marketing project, not philanthropy. If it brings the organization a little money, that's great.



I don't think anyone has ever tried this in Romania...

Perhaps we'll give it a go.

I'm starting to appreciate your blog more and more with each post

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