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Check out this guy's tattoo campaign for charity:

drew olanoff

I think what you did at Gnomedex last year was nothing short of brilliant and inspiring. I would love to talk to you about working together on some things.

Jamie Favreau

I have given a thought to getting a well known guest blogger and then having him tell his story. I still have to talk to him but hopefully that is another opportunity to raise money for LLS. It is an idea that I am hoping will come true.

Beth Kanter

Hey Beth, I wanted to let you know we something very similar to the
Tattoo pledge on Facebook. See below for links to the various pledges
and results. I personally dyed my hair blonde and if you want to see the
opera concert on facebook, please friend me on Facebook and I will send
you the link to the concert:

Chi Kong Lui
Assistant Director, Web Services
American Red Cross in Greater New York
520 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019

Beth Kanter

The ARC/GNY "Pledge Yourself to the Red Cross" campaign on Facebook is
over and here are your final results:

Amount Raised: $2100

Final Pledge Results:

Eapen raised $1020 and will be giving an Opera performance on Feb 18, 5
pm @ 520W49. Click here for full details:

Mona raised $100 and will be coming to work dressed as a Cowgirl for the
week of Feb 9. Click here for photos:

Robyn Alexander Hatrak from Rockland raised $360 and will be coming to
work dressed as clown (with balloon animals).
More details coming soon.

Catherine raised $110 and will be coming to work dressed as Clara
More details coming soon.

Michael raised $250 and will be walking to work from Brooklyn. Click
here for details:

Chi raised $250 and dyed his hair blonde. Click here for photos:

A special thanks to all who pledged and donated...


Beth, I have read many of your blogs here about fundraising. I am also on Twitter (juliebmack). I am interested in raising money on Twitter for a mission trip I am going on. I would like to share a letter so people know how and where to donate to the church and the purpose of that mission in June.

Should I just create a post on my blog or is there a blog that you would recommend to be a guest post? My blog is not focused on charities, but writing ( I am hoping you have some words of advice! I really appreciate it! Thanks!!

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