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Charlie Quirk

Hey Beth,

Great post. I agree with you that it is vitally important that there is substance behind the figures. I think having metrics that are astronomical in social media (unless one is a weblebrity like Armano, Kawasaki or Scoble) can be a bit of a warning sign someone commits to much of their time to getting more connections for the sake of it.

As valuable as Twitter and other networks are is, there is a lot of whitenoise made by a ton of cotntributors that don't add a ton of value.


Hey Beth ... thanks for sharing this!

In all your work with nonprofits have you figured out how to help build a good baseline set of measurements? Are there specific things you look for? questions you ask?

I'm curious because i wonder how many nonprofits have good data to create a baseline and if not, what can be done to help build a baseline creatively?

would love your thoughts?

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