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Mike Jennings

Der Tod Ist Ein Dandy

I seem to have a combination. I'm well-established as an authority at my day job as a video and metadata expert at Adobe. One of my less-established lives is as a photographer and Photoshop artist, the other is as a Photoshop instructor. I chose a professional self-portrait wherein my face is obscured by a mask of my own construction, and the whole image has undergone serious post-processing in Photoshop.

It was a fairly conscious choice; it is the most popular image on my Flickr (except for some Creative Commons textures), and it reveals my artistic bent and skills. Among Nick's archetypes, it shares elements with "The Modified Cartoon Portrait," the "I'm a Photographer" (read it), the "Branding Master" (establishing my authority with the art itself), "The professional headshot" (though a flawed one) and, compositionally, the "in a mirror" shot. While it doesn't follow the compositional format of the Branding Master, the photo itself was chosen because it establishes my authority and personal style in an area that I'd like to emphasize.

Laurel LaFlamme

Quite frankly, I don't have any good, recent photos of myself because I am always the one taking all the pictures. Plus, I never think any of my pictures come out nice anyway.

My Facebook pic should be more professional. You're right. The photo I am using now is one that my hubby recently snapped of me after the Goodwill Industries Charity Event. We were dressed up.

It's okay - but not outstanding. I like the one in the comment thread - how cool is that!

So, it's not for lack of creativity, or lack of resources, just mainly a lack of time. Thanks for the reminder...I do need to get a good photo (or 5) done. After all, it is called "Face"book.

Katherine Osgood

Hi Beth! I totally agree. At first my Facebook profile pic was one of me at a party of with friends, but as I have begun to connect with more and more people professionally on Facebook, I've actually changed the picture to something more neutral - some flowers!

Maryann Devine

Funny -- my facebook photo is the same professional headshot I use for everything, but only because I have very few photos of myself -- I'm extremely camera-shy. It took a lot for me to suck it up and have the photo done at all.

And I've been worried that it looks too corporate and stuffy for facebook. Still am.

Erica Burman, Director of Communications, National Peace Corps Association

I got on Facebook for NPCA when it was still college students and you needed an .edu address. Man, I felt - ahem! - old! lol. I chose a photo of me during my Peace Corps service...not only because that's what my presence and communication on Facebook is all about, but because at that time it helped me fit in visually with the then demographic of Facebook. I also had photos of the "current" me if anyone was/is curious there. My LinkedIn profile is a recent photo.

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