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Thanks for this excellent article.

It's key for companies to understand what it takes to build a social media initiatives and there are still too many that dream about a "one click effort".

I notice the emphasis on strategy, targeting, tracking everything.

In the strategy/targeting phase, I would also add positioning i.e what do the company has to bring to its target audience.


Alison Lowndes

Brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing .. nice to know there's others out there wondering, at 1am, whether they're sane to still be working!


nice. I find that the days when i get the most social media done alongside of my regular work are the days I bring my laptop to work -- then I can do email, twitter, etc. on the laptop while I do my "other" work on my desktop computer. Insane? dunno, but I can feel it in my shoulders and the family is peeved when the laptop's not home...

Tara Pringle Jefferson

She has an amazing job. I could definitely learn a thing or two from her. :)

Amanda Eamich

Great interview and wonderful points!

Identifying and featuring personality really is critical. Particularly in government agencies, we are often brushed off as faceless bureaucracies or as "guys in suits", which is not always the case!

Stephanie McAuliffe

Thank you, this is such practical, down to earth information.


great post. i was so glad to see that i followed the same 3 month plan for my non-profit client as you recommend :)

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