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Robin Broitman

Thanks Beth...this is a great post and issue to explore. Interestingly just last week I learned another blogger had posted one of my lists posts in its entirety without any attribution. I wrote to her and asked for attribution. She agreed but I still felt it wasn't right to republish the entire post. I was especially annoyed when I saw the post had been Tweeted and attributed wrongly to her by other unknowing Tweeters and also saved to Delicious as if it were her company's post. When she wrote back she asked for permission to republish others. I told her she could only publish the title, the introduction, and needed to provide attribution and a link to my site. I have a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License on my site. I assumed it was a honest mistake. In answer to the first question in your list, no- I don't think it's right to cut and paste an entire post without prior permission. It also brings up a question about image rights- the post the blogger also cut and paste included a post photo that I had purchased. Does my license extend to someone who copies my post?

Ari Herzog

The irony reading this NOW is I also wrote about Creative Commons and attribution--but from the perspective of Flickr photos--not three hours ago:

Beth Kanter

Ari: Great post, I added a link to the post itself. Also made me remember that I did screencast on that topic

Probably needs to be updated.

liz lennon

HI Beth
Really enjoy your blog and have sent the link to my non profit clients.

You wrote a timely post.

This morning I used some of a post from Copyblogger and photos from flickr.

I checked that the photos were open for non commercial use ... put the creators name and direct link under each photo ... and emailed her to let her know that she was enhancing my blog.I also did a p.s on the post and specifically mentioned the wonderful images and encouraged my readers to visit her flickr site.

I just wrote to Copyblogger and asked if they had any problem with me quoting their post (not in it's entirety) ... and ... I had also attributed it to them and linked directly to the post.

I certainly don't want to misuse other peoples words or images ... and ... I want to share other bloggers and photographers work ... building their audiences and sharing great thoughts and photographs.

Will check out Fairshare.

Maya Norton

Thanks, Beth. Reminders on this and rethinking of the concept is always good. Appreciate the link.

~ Maya Norton

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