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marnie webb

Going to see the Gee's Bend show in San Francisco. on Dec 5, 2006

marnie webb

Going to see the Gee's Bend show in San Francisco. on Dec 5, 2006

Katrin Verclas

That's hilarious!


"As my first major act of Week of Bachelor Freedom, I am joining Twitter. Not sure what that portends for the rest of the week." Posted one week ago today.

Maryann Devine

My first tweet, July 5, 2007: researching relevance of twitter to nonprofit community for blog.

This was before I started using @smartsculture rather than @maryanndevine. Still have no idea how I can stream one feed to the other.

Ari Herzog

Since changed its method of finding historic tweets from "pages" to that streaming "more" button, I have no idea how to calculate time to know the page.


My first tweet was: sneezing in a way no one else does

3:37 PM Jun 8th, 2007


Haha, my first tweet was HTML code. So you definitely beat me. :)

Vera Marie Badertscher

boring first post. "New web site needs bargains and freebies." 2nd one better. "I seem to be getting sick. This is nonsense up with which I will not put."

Laura Messenger

My first tweet was only two months ago and was similar to yours--along the lines of "trying to figure out how to use this thing!" Kind of the Twitter equivalent to trying to record a personal message on your phone answering machine for the first time and saying "Hello? Hello?"

Laura W

If not my first one of the first tweets...
'still playing with my css for the new blog. Dog gone elsewhere, now got cat no.3 by foot...'

Tori Tuncan

My first tweet (Sept. 24, 2008): "Working on two new loan requests on Lend4Health."

Stephen Downes

My first tweet was a one-worder:

Joined 9:29 AM Jul 14th, 2007 from web

Ted Fickes

first tweet, two words - being patient -

while stuck in Austin airport trying to get home from SXSW in 2007

Anne Keisman

First tweet: Hi welcome to green hour's twitter! I'm new here and I'd love to hear how you guys spend your green hour!

Account Deleted

I am not reminding exactly... But the twitter is really helpful and yup Happy Birthday..!!! Used Car Dealers


My first Tweet at Dec. 25th: "Today I joined Twitter."

Regards from Erfurt (Germany)

Sheena T Abraham

"Breathing a sigh of relief now that I'm connected to the world through Twitter. Time to catch up on all I've been missing!"
2:11 PM Jun 20th, 2008 from web

kanal açma

Thank You..

Emma Davidson

"Waiting for ABC Canberra radio news... I did a phone interview on paid mat leave this morning"


August 11, 2007: "home today from TPC with a stomach virus... ugh"

Then it was like 2 tweets a month for a little while until 2008. So I'm sort of Twitter tween?


"checking out WordPress 2.2" - on may 17th, 2007.

figures it would have something to do with WordPress
Thanks for helping me feel some Twitter nostalgia. I just went back and bookmarked some significant tweets from my time on Twitter. Like when my son was born. -

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