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James Young


I am really looking forward to speaking with you on the Social Media for the Social Good panel.And Convio is proud to be associated with the nonprofit technology bash.

James Young

Tad Druart

It is good to see that there is no time scheduled for sleep - that would be wasted time in Austin. :-) We're looking forward to helping make SXSWi an amazing event for the nonprofit community while helping bring the interactive world and nonprofits closer together in support of social good.

Elizabeth Perry

Wish I could be in multiple places - will be at ETech this year instead of SXSW.

(A note on poetry: isn't "Listen my social media geeks and you shall hear..." Longfellow and not Wordsworth? But I think Wordsworth did write, "I wandered lonely as a Tweet...")

In any event, hope our paths cross again before too long.


Beth Kanter


Going to miss seeing you!

And, thanks for correcting my mistake - it's Henry Wadsworth Longfellow!

Shannon K. Aronin

Hi Beth,

This is my first comment to your blog, but I am so looking forward to meeting you at SXSW. I have been expanding my nonprofit fundraising consulting business into social media, and have learned so much from your blog. My website is currently being re-done, but you can find me on facebook at Once my site and my blog are back up, I will certainly list you as someone I read.

I look forward to meeting you and will be attending many of the same events.

Shannon K. Aronin
ARO Consulting

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