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Nancy White

Just a practical note from when we used this activity a week ago on the "context" orientation. Context has to be defined by you first, so if for example, your context is inward, then the other polarity is outward facing. Then you have to choose which side inward is on the arrow! It is not quite intuitive like the other orientations. We decided that we needed to label our spidergrams for that one.

It is interesting - what if you eliminated context from the diagram, and then did two - one for your inward facing activities and one for your outward facing activities. (or two different lines). What would that tell us?

Robin Mohr

My organization is a statewide network of local agencies. We set up a Ning site for the staff with fund raising and communications responsibilities at each of the agencies to be able to communicate - to share news, resources and questions. It's small still. The idea is popular when people talk about it but they haven't integrated it into their workflow yet. Other function areas (like the research staff and training staff) have been using conference calls and webinars to communicate. They all wanted their own sites, but then we realized we should move towards having one big network for all the member agency staff, with subgroups for the different function areas, especially because so many local staff have multiple function areas. However, I'm a little worried about expanding our work with Ning since your recent Tweet about them.

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Steve Dueck

Curious about your recent Tweet about Ning. Can you elaborate?

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