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Laura Norvig

Great reflection - I know this workshop is going to get better and better. I think the workshop effectively addressed all the Learning Objectives. While it's true that the first objective, "make decisions about how to effectively integrate social media into organization's overall web communications plan" may not be something larger bureaucratic organizations can accomplish in a two-day workshop, participants still gained information to help make those decisions when the time comes.

I realized that I never published my draft social media strategy because I felt it was, well, such a rough draft, but I just remedied that. It's nice to see all the links to others' strategies in once place so I can check them out. Thanks for taking the time to do this post!

Jennie Anderson

Thank you and the other presenters for this fabulous workshop. I felt so inspired when I came back that I immediately pulled some of my favorite slides and highlights and gave a presentation to our team (which I plan to add to the wiki once I figure out where to put it!).

It was great connecting with other folks doing similar work. Two other highlights for me included learning about your “Social Media Tactics and Tools” framework and “Social Media Strategy Map”. At many government agencies and community health centers have told us they don’t know where to start with new media and the Map will be a helpful tool to share with them.

I look forward to the continued collaboration on the wiki. Also, please let us know if you decide to do another “in-person” workshop, I know several people who would be interested in signing up for one!

experiential learner

I agree. Great reflection! The design of the workshop that seems to seep through the reflection, makes me curious about the sequence of the training sessions. I wonder if you would mind sharing the training design?

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