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Shaun Dakin

My tools for Twitter:

1) @HootSuite and their awesome URL shortener HootLet
2) @Tweetdeck
3) @TweetLater

Shaun Dakin
@EndTheRobocalls (biz)
@IsCool (personal)


Twitterfeed might be a solution in a sense that it enables you to post your feed from let's say your blog, google reader shared items, your friendfeed, etc.

Beth Kanter

I use a Twitterfeed on my other account - @bethkanter - but that streams posts from people who have linked to me. The google reader option looks good as it would let you handpick what to share.


powertwitter to read.

Workflow is often,
post to diigo, which then echoes to delicious and twitter and from there to FaceBook.

I am seeking to build a network around genocide prevention using the #genprev hashtag.

Beth Kanter

@tedperl thanks for the tip. Do you know Ivan Boothe? You should.

Laura Norvig

As the face of the Resource Center, @serviceresource, I just share natively, directly to Twitter. Right now I primarily follow only organizations active in the nonprofit and volunteerism sector so as soon as I open Twitter I'm presented with lots of great resources. I retweet a few of those resources each day and add one or two of my own.

I think Holly @ntenhross really hit on something important in the workshop when she mentioned that people LIKE to share, be useful, help people, and answer questions. I know I do, and that's what keeps me sharing every day.

video Promotion

I love twitter. We have found over 200 additional tools and sites that help promote your twitter profile like twello and many many more.

Thank you for the tip and love the blog. Added to my rss subscription!

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