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Jordan Epstein

Hi Beth-

I consistently enjoy your out-of the box thinking, and have been pointing the non-profits that I meet with to your blog. Hopefully you've already heard from some.

The other day I was doing some browsing/market research for our Social Change startup, VolunteerBIG - and came across the headline "Help Save Child Labor". The call to action, of course, was a typo- but, then again...was it?

Marketing for a cause takes creativity - so remember everyone- help your local non-profits with more than just a shovel at the park cleanup. Lend them your creativity!

If you don't mind - a plug that adds value- our organization is in the finals in this month's ideablob contest, and we're creating a network that makes it easier for people like us to provide the kind of feedback that I just spoke about. Share your talents, feedback in a social setting, and track the work you do for causes that matter to you. Please vote for us and view our site at Thanks for pardoning my pitch. Volunteering isn't just about showing up, it's an attitude, and you can do small things every day to give back.

Tresha Thorsen (Tre~)

Ha!!! I so can relate to this! Common sense, clever, and fabulously fun. My siter's intro'd me to the Beyonce video couple months back. We've dared our mom (great dancer) to make her own. But what a clever pitch on a fundraising campaign...being willing to embarrass yourself a bit. Thanks for the links. I will surely donate something. I'm a veg so my vote's gonna be for Holly to have to make the video too. But having great sensitivity to horror stories with leotards, I'll pull for the option to just wear a comfy yoga outfit. GO HOLLY! Thanks for the laughs Beth :)

Beth Kanter

Holly Ross

Thanks for the encouragement Tresha, and for your great post Beth. I do think that this approach has a number of drawbacks. In many ways, the success or failure rests solely n how much folks are engaged with ME as a person, instead of the organization. I think that can limit the success. In our case, it seemed like the right decision because our cause is a little abstract. And, it's mostly working. We're just $3k down from our goal!

fm days


Great examples. Here is my personal favorite. This dude is tranforming himself into Mr. T. to raise money for diabetes research.


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