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Stephen Downes

When a graph like that has no y axis, it is literally meaningless.

It is meant to suggest that to 'lead' is somehow different from, higher than or better than 'to network' - but based on what?

I would throw away this graph, and any inferences based on it.

Alex, aka SocialButterfly

Hmm...I don't know if I would call this graphic "final" in regards tot he x axis as I don't this engagement goes from A to B. I think there is a loop there that would bring it back to once someone is SO engaged and becomes a content creator, etc. then eventually they lead and others starting reading, etc. It's more cyclical.

Maxine Teller on MixtMedia a few months ago had a similiar graph posing a similiar question where I and some others jumped in with thoughts. But, I don't think anyone put together what a more flushed out graphic would look like...course, it's continually morphing, so I'm not sure any graphic will ever be "final." =) Thanks for the thoughts Beth!

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