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Bruce Trachtenberg

Great stuff. Certainly opened my eyes to the far greater numbers of baby boomers involved in social networking. That said, I don't think we can ever forget that another reason these efforts are worthwhile is that the "baby boomers" we connect with online are also part of other "offline" networks. By connecting with them, informing them, motivating them, we increase the chances they'll similarly pass on what they are learning or be asked to do to their non-social-networked friends and colleagues. In other words -- a multiplier effect.



That's an interesting point you make about offline/online connections. I like to think of my connections as:

Current Active Network: These are people I know and are working with.
Past Active Network: People I know from the past, but not currently working with.
Future Active Network: People I don't work or haven't met in person but may potentially be an important node in my network in the future.

Roger Carr

Hi Beth,

This is a fantastic post. I agree with the need for an integrated strategy which includes social media for targeting baby boomers.

A recent example of the impact it can have is related to a blog post I wrote on the site of a nonprofit I volunteer with, the Arthritis Foundation. The post was about an event I attended that supported kids with arthritis (and their families). A comment was left by a parent in Indonesia who also had a teenager with arthritis. This parent felt better just knowing there were other families that are dealing with similar life issues. We are now connecting this parent with others in a Juvenile Arthritis online community.

I am a baby boomer who has met many remarkable baby boomers online. Social media should be an important part of a nonprofit organization's communication toolset.

Go to to read the blog post.

Rabbi Hayim Herring

I'm commenting for the first time on your blog, Beth, which is very informative, pragmatic and enjoyable. You probably know the research better than I, but it seems like with technology utilization, there is a "trickle up" effect. Youth transmit their techno-wisdom upwards to older generations (as happened with Internet usage)until their rate of adoption increases. With massive unemployment, which is affecting Boomers, do you think that we will see an increase in usage of social media technologies among Boomers and up and what can non-profits do to coach their Boomer audiences around new technologies?

Thanks, Rabbi Hayim Herring, Executive Director STAR
(Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal);

Tara Pringle Jefferson

This post is going to be perfect to share with my colleagues as we figure out our social media fundraising strategy. Thanks so much for this!

Tara Pringle Jefferson
The Cleveland Foundation


That's right! Some of us 80-year-olds are blogging, too. I work in an non-profit library of an institution that has members in 30 countries. I send library news all over the world to them.
And on another blog I create and illustrate children's stories that parents can tell to their pre-schoolers.

Erica Burman, Director of Communications, National Peace Corps Association

Sorry for being late to the conversation, but just wanted to share that we are very excited to see lots of "boomers" and beyond jumping into social networking for the first time on our newly launched site for people with a Peace Corps connection at

It's been so gratifying to see the mix of 20-somethings and 50+ folks sign on! Many are using the site to reconnect with people they haven't been in touch with in decades. Here's a comment I just got today:

    Connected Peace Corp is such a great web site. I have already connected to other Somali RPCV. I also connected with a former RPCV, who was a fraternity brother of mine @ Portland State College in the 1960's. Neither of us knew that each of us had joined PC in 1966. He was in Kenya and I was in Somalia. In June 1967, I was on vacation in Nairobi, Kenya and literally he and I bumped into each other outside the hotel where I was staying. After I joined last week I was looking at the African Group and there was his name & picture. I emailed him and we have emailed each other several time since. What a great tool thing PC Connect is! Thanks,

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