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Noah Brier

Congratulations Beth :)

Susie Bowie

Beth, You are SO deserving! You are our nonprofit light for social media...fantastic content ALL the time!! Congrats.


Hey - wonderful news! Congratulations!!


Hi Beth,


I'm a regular reader of your posts, but I've never commented before. Your posts are so informative, you are a knowledge base of Social Media.
I always feel that, my comments would never be able to do justice to your posts as I'll run short of words appreciating it.

You are a rare combo, Beth. These days you hardly find people with head and heart. People generally have only one of these aspects and most of the time none of these ;-)

Keep up the good work. God bless you

Stacey Monk

I hope the long flight gave you an opportunity to revel, even if on an airplane. You deserve it. I also hope you realize that the amazing good created by the people in your community is a direct reflection of the content you create, the example you set, the bar you raise, the questions you pose and the dialogue you facilitate.

I'm not sure how you do it, but I'm so very grateful you do.

Kudos & Congrats!!


This is fantastic and well-deserved!!!!!!!!!! I can think of no one better. We shall celebrate when I see you next :)


congrats beth -- you're a rockstar :-)

Allyson Kapin

Beth - so well deserved! Congrats


Congratulations on the nomination.

Demetrio Maguigad

Very well deserved! Big Congrats and big hugs!

Kendra Kellogg (E-Advocate)

Congrats!! You are by far the shining light of this article and I am so happy to see you recogized for the amazing work that you do. I am always an adoring fan!

Jeremy Gregg

Thanks to innovators like you, I think we're entering not just Web 3.0, but Nonprofit 3.0. More thoughts here:


Jeremy Gregg, CFRE
VP of Development
Center for Nonprofit Management

Scott Meis

Congrats Beth! That's a huge honor and extremely well deserved!

Rachel Happe

Just saw this while catching up on reading - Congratulations!! Very well deserved!

Brad West

This is like the third time I have seen and read this post. I should probably take the time to congratulate you, It has to be a grand honor to not only be involved with but recognized for something so huge.

Great Job
Brad west ~ onomoney

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