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Anannya Deb

I find this over-usage of the "Tw.." portmanteau template to create new words like Twestival, Tweeple, Twits, etc extremely irritating. It is in a way trivialising a lot of serious work that people do and makes language a mockery.

Laura "Pistachio" Fitton

Wonderful interview and wonderful project. What Amanda and the volunteers accomplished was so inspiring and incredible. To me, this proved the power of a great idea to spread on Twitter. Fortunately that great idea was also backed up by a qualified, dedicated, hardworking woman who made it all into reality. Great work & great interview/analysis!

Leigh Rowan

@ Anannya Deb -- you mean it is twivializing, right? Sorry, I had to. :)
@ Beth - this is a truly brilliant write up. Thank you for so wonderfully covering Fundraising 2.0 and for bringing attention to some of the organizational successes and challenges that Amanda and team faced. As a participant at TwestivalNY and an organizer of a Twestival event in Second Life, I can tell you that our entire company was/is honored to work with someone as professional and amazing as Amanda Rose. Kudos to all the Twestival team for their incredible work, as well!

Noah Flower

Beth, I'll echo the thanks above -- it's a wonderful writeup you've provided here. I think you're on to something with your observation that fundraising on this scale at near-zero cost and without an organization is something very new and powerful in the world. I wonder what its true potential will turn out to be. Two extreme possibilities occur to me. On the one hand, it could turn out to be just a fun way for individuals to get involved, but limited to small numbers of people and a small amount of fundraising. On the other hand, perhaps the millennials' preference for participation could catapult it to become a rival to membership and other traditional forms of fundraising. Would you care to hazard a guess?

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