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Jasmin Tragas

Thanks for this post Beth. My modest number of subscribers halved a few days ago (before I merged)and I wondered if something funky was going on! I also noticed this Tweet about the troubles...

Kivi Leroux Miller

Yes, it's a mess. And for all the oohs and ahhs Google Analytics gets, I really have trouble with it, especially compared to how user friendly Feedburners stats were. I'm about to throw up my hands and go against my own advice about measuring everything! Let us know if you find something that was as nice and easy as Feedburner. For now I guess I'll just muddle through.

Maddie Grant

Totally have this problem too. NOT happy about it! If you find out a good alternative or solution or response let us know!

Beth Kanter

Kivi, I haven't yet as I mention above. But, then again I don't have the time to measure everything .. I only measure what is important - like RSS subscribers. So, just take a grain of salt in terms of overall trends for now.

Account Deleted

I transferred my feed a couple of weeks ago, knowing that my subscriber numbers were going to be wonky after that. They're back to normal now, but I don't have click/traffic stats anymore (just a link to "Configure Stats"). I have Google Analytics, but it doesn't give me outbound clicks.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

Sue Waters

Feed numbers were down and bounced back to normal today. It is a known issue in their Forum group. My understanding from reading the posts is that the issue has been it isn't tracking data being tracked by Google Feedfetch (which is a bit ironic = funny really). The good news is the feed is being fetched as I see the feed coming into Google Reader but it isn't being reported.

Wish I had taken a screenshot the other day that showed the Google Feedfetch missing.

On Da Road

Switched this week. Subscribers changed a little bit .. but I miss the traffic stats as well. I have analytics and all else Google but am starting to get a bit leary of having all my eggs in Googles basket. So I am up for low-cost alternatives 'bout now. Thanks for the post on the subject.

Leslie Forman

Mine has been super-volatile! That's why I keep the numbers under wraps... I do appreciate being able to see it without having to log out of my Gmail though.... Today the numbers seem to be back to normal.

Nick Temple

Yeah - similar problems, Beth, although it now "seems" to have righted itself. I'd also like to know of good stats packages. I've found MyBlogLog good for a daily snapshot of what's happened readers an click-wise, + Typepad's stats are a kind of Ok-ish baseline...but Feedburner's definitely been the best. The support has taken a noticeable dip, though. Google Groups are not support, IMHO.

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