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David Kinard


I think the visualization process is essential in helping decision-makers better understand the data they have collected. But it begs the question of whether or not they collected meaningful data to begin with. Better visualization of garbage doesn't change the fact that you're still looking at garbage.

When I teach MBA students on how to set up their marketing programs I suggest they follow the 5M approach -- Mission, Money, Message, Medium, and Measurement. If they develop their plan correctly, their measurements are planned in parallel to the mission of the program. They start out with an idea of the data they need to collect, what will be useful, and ways to collect that data. Then, at various times in the marketing program, they can collect and analyze against their mission for key metrics.

Related to your post, what I think is critical to emphasize is the need to plan your measurements PRIOR to starting a marketing or communications effort. Focusing only on the visualization of data after the fact is like trying to unscramble an egg.

-- David Kinard, PCM

Geoff Livingston

Visual thinking makes a big difference. It's hard to get there sometimes, but when you do there's a payoff.

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