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Scott Rooks

Very relevant post.

What I do that provides the hard data I need to help me shift the way I write content is check my site data from my host. I go to the control panel and it tells me things like bookmarks, daily and monthly visit from first time unique visitors, pages visited, views of RSS, links to search engines etc. Not just numbers but graphs as well which help to make distinctions quickly.

I like you don't see a lot of relevancy with stats on Feedburner except of course subscription numbers that with number of views of RSS from my host gives me an indication of how well received a post was or an overview of all post in general. I then can make a distinction by averages and the numbers above or below that coupled with unique visitor numbers gives me an indication if it's that post or overall site approval.

I think that when I see site stats I ask myself why is that...? So if I am looking at unique numbers of visitors and that number goes way below the mean I ask myself why? Is it bad content (post in itself), holiday, what day of week (host stats on that), recent article distribution, me not doing my job, etc? I also look at other stats such as article distribution, url views, affialiate ad stats, etc for additional confirmation of any conclusion.

If I spend some time on Digg, Tweeter, etc I tend to see unique visitors go up but do I see an increase in RSS subscribers? So this to me is important so I log what I do on a given day, not to detailed but enough that I can analyze what works and what has large change value good or bad. The strategy here is to be productive on a daily basis but knowing that I am effective with that strategy for the good and not being disruptive to my sites, social media or others.

I liked the distinction you make between hard data and insights and I think I might start journaling that way to see what patterns and trends come about. This I believe is important because then you can apply hard data numbers to overall effectiveness over

which is the bottom line with what we do in the first place.

Thanks for feeding the brain today so I can have something to help with my overall startegy and relevance of my site for the audiance I try and serve. This post helps everyone.

Sue Waters

Must be missing something with Yahoo Site Explorer? Tested it when Chris Brogan posted about it and just don't see how it is being used. Must be missing the obvious? Besides what benefit does that give you compared to getting the number of linkage using PostRank?

Meanwhile thoughts on Technorati? Definitely weird stuff happening with Technorati - does this make it's numbers totally meaningless?

Alexa, Fast Becoming the Talk of the Town!

World famous publications like the Forbes, and the Wall Street journal are writing on Alexa which only goes on to prove its credibility and popularity.


Nice post - I've been doing a little consulting over the past month and noticing that a good analytics strategy seems to be missing from many nonprofit Web plans. Inserting the Google Analytics JS code is not enough! It's a bit like doing a science experiment, getting the results, but not doing the experiment again and fiddling with the variables to see if you can get a better result. I know it feels like just another task to add to an already overburdened task list... but I wouldn't make a single change to a Website or setup a social media plan without a solid plan for actionable analytics. This is the best source I know for learning about this stuff:

-ben rigby

Beth Kanter

Love that site, love it so much named the screencast after it

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