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Mike Rowland

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the comment on Impact Interactions' view of the ROI debate. While we have completed multiple ROI frameworks and templates for our consulting and moderation clients, each one must be tailored to meet the data available from the client. It can be a long process to build these and then actually use them, but we've found that it is worth the effort. We start our engagements by working with clients to define success for their social media or online community efforts. We then help with the technology, management, and procedures of actually running the community. As part of this, we develop the measurement strategy and templates to help understand how successful the project is at meeting organizational goals. We can also moderate and manage the community if desired. (We manage AARP's online community for example.)

We've also done some work on the ROI for non-profits. We've used several options for building the frameworks including membership duration for associations, purchase/donation intent and actual spending, and what we term activation (taking a specific action benefiting the cause or advocating a particular stance). It can be a bit more difficult to gain buy in as to the need to do this, but just like for profits it's a good thing to do.


Eric Elkins

It's great that you mentioned Jeremiah- I'm reading your post this morning because I'm taking his advice to "feed yourself first."

As someone who creates and executes social media strategies for a range of clients, from non-profits and startups to global corporations and consumer brands, I totally agree with you.

What I would add is this:

1. Companies no longer own their brands; the consumers do. And if the company isn't monitoring and responding to conversations that are being conducted in conversational media, they risk losing current and prospective customers, and they risk serious damage to their online reputations. Which, obviously, can result in loss of revenue.

2. Establishing an organization's leadership as thought leaders in their industries builds a competitive edge over other companies - it creates positive PR, increases respect for the brand, and has the power to build personal relationships with influencers. That's why it's so important that, as you said, efforts are not siloed - outreach should be an integrated effort by stakeholders across the organization.

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