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Debra Askanase

Hi Beth. Incredibly valuable piece and the real examples of ROI are the most concrete evidence for any skeptic non-profit organization. Thanks for all your examples are from non-profit organizations, too, which are hard to find. A good corporate example of ROI has been the quantifiably decreased negative chatter that Network Solutions experienced as a result of listening. I wrote about it on my blog, and Jason Falls analyzes this case in depth at Thanks for another great post.

Amber Naslund

Holy crow, what a piece packed full of amazing information. Consider it bookmarked!

There are soooo many great points in here that I won't rehash them all. But every organization should really be listening, even if they're not yet ready to dabble in social media on their own. It's a matter of insights and intelligence, feedback, and ideas for organizational improvement. And of course, it's the first and most logical step if venturing into social media participation is in the cards.

Thanks for the amazing work you put into gathering all this for everyone's benefit. Awesome stuff.

Barb Chamberlain

I'm presenting this coming week at an internal meeting for people interested in social media in my organization. I was going to stress the importance of listening, but this gives me somewhere to go from there to develop specific actions: Once you've heard something, what do you do with it?

And I am completely thrilled to have inspired the title of the post. Thank you again for all your work helping all of us get better at using new tools, as well as getting better at using the old ones.



Very Cool Beth.

I just read your post about

Listening Literacy Skills: What keywords or phrases have brought you some insights?

... so it's great to see some real life examples of what nonprofits are doing/gaining from 'listening'.

the funny thing is that this all seems SO basic when you think about it. It’s natural human nature ... we all want to be listened to / heard - even if nothing is done with what we say, we like to know we have a say and are being heard.

I know Lance armstrong foundation and big brothers big sisters of America are also out there listening/engaging.

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