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Todd Jordan


I'll be giving this a try. I've not done a good job of listening.

That should be at the top of my list for sure, and your toolbox is a great start.

Neil Williams

Thanks for sharing this one Beth, it's a great tool. Shame there's no free RSS but it's still well worth bookmarking.

Would be interesting to compare to the Social Media Firehose and see how the results differ.


Thanx for providing us such a good website for Social Media, I think it seems very useful for people who are linked with Social Media and Social networking.

I discovered another great blog for Social Media which completely covers Social media and Web2.0.


Explore the Blog and you will feel that some one write accurate and perfect about Social media blogs.

John Eckman

Interesting that they didn't get - so you have to remember the dropped 'g.' What, is the site run by Sarah Palin?


Will definitely be a worthwhile service when you can save searches and get rss feed of results - otherwise it takes time to click through all the categories and review what is found.

Joe Hall

Hey Beth thanks so much for talking about my latest creation! This tool is a pleasant step away from what I usually to at there we do a lot of work with nonprofits so this is a great to see how non-profits might use something else that I have created. Thanks again and get intouch with any ideas or thoughts about how can better serve non-profits!

Danielle Brigida

This is wonderful! Bookmarked and excited to improve my "listening" techniques.

Connie Bensen

Hi Beth,
Have you found that Google Alerts delivered via RSS are as comprehensive as the email ones? It seemed like it missed many.

We have the Freemium version of Techrigy SM2 that gathers conversations across a full range of sources. The rss feed is available in both the free & Pro version.

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