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John Haydon


My three words:

"You" - With every person - family, client, friend or stranger, give them my undivided attention - as if they're the only person on the planet.

"Birth" - Approach every challenge, every moment with complete freshness and vigor - a birth completely unfettered by the past.

"Pillar" - Do my very best every day to create value and happiness for others, realizing that I am just one pillar among trillions of microscopic pillars in the universe.



Hi there. I'm one of those much more elementary bloggers on social media for nonprofits and foundations--I'm aiming at more of a basic part because I'm no where as knowledgable about these topics. But I'm utterly fascinated and have become an online sponge. I'm a mid-aged, senior communications practitioner from a philanthropy/nonprofit background and this is a whole new world for me, but I get more passionate about introducing nonprofits to it every day. I've liberally linked to your site in my content, and am very grateful you exist! Your blog, and many others, embody the spirit of generosity and sharing that's so important today. I look at the perfect economic storm local nonprofits are caught in and want to give them all the help I can on my own blog. That's why I created it. Your research and reflections are a great source of inspiration. Lookin forward to all your posts in 2009!

Sarah Stewart

I want to give my blog a bit of an over=haul this year too so appreciated the links to tips. Thanks a lot and happy new year, Sarah

David Low

One is tempted to say, "Now streamline your Goals for 2009!"

Happy New Year and I look forward to reading you throughout the new year!


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